At over $450 for 600 iu’s, or 4 doses plus overfill, Follistim is pricey, and unlike the designer bag I have my eye on, it isn’t going on sale any time soon….or is it? Why is there no outlet shopping for fertility drugs? I imagine a cluster of stores selling almost expired injectables or boxes with smooshed corners but intact meds inside. Clomid is buy one get one free, but no one bothers; that would be like a pair of Nine West sandals at a Jimmy Choo store. The women dart from one display to the next deciding between the Bravelle and Menopur and doing the math to see if the discount makes the 900 iu vial of Follistim the better buy even if they might not use it all up this cycle.

The accessories isle is full of alcohol pads, syringes, sterile water, and chocolate. Over in the apparel section all the clothes are generously sized with hidden elastic waistbands but labeled so that women can still buy their regular size AND accommodate the extra fertility drug poundage. The irony is not lost on me that, thanks to the hormones, I get the bonus of looking pregnant while trying to attain an actual pregnancy .

And then it occurs to me, there IS a fertility drug outlet mall-Mexico. Unfortunately, I live nowhere near our neighbors to the south, but I go along with HoneyBee on a business trip to the Southwest, and while it isn’t a booming tourist town, I decide  to take advantage of my location and see about discount stims. I’m as excited to see the armed guards at the Mexico border crossing as I am to gaze up at the California redwoods on a previous trip.

I manage to get Menopur because Follistim isn’t yet available in the drug market of Mexico, but I checked with my RE in advance, and he said it would be ok to try it. I don’t need an actual prescription to buy the ovarian crack which feels simultaneously sketchy and liberating. On the way back across the border I declare the Menopur to the customs agent, and I’m a little nervous because my prescription is for Follistim not Menopur, but he doesn’t ask for proof I’m allowed to buy the stuff, and he wishes me good luck as I move through the gate.

I had already started the cycle on Follistim but switched to my Mexican Menopur half way through in an attempt to find a cheaper option. Unfortunately, this cycle is the only one out of the six where the follicle I grew failed to thrive half way through, and the cycle was a bust. I don’t really blame the Mexican origin of the drugs. I blame the Menopur brand since American Menopur didn’t plump up the follicle either. My ovaries have Prada tastes, and I have a Target budget.