Isn’t that sort of like writing a relationship blog while single?

Granted the break didn’t start as such. It was, for little bit, a pregnancy, and then not. My RE cleared us for another cycle by the end of April, but at first we weren’t really ready, and then I had some medical issues to check out in May, and then I couldn’t try as we needed to get to the bottom of some wonky blood test results, next it was decided that yes, I have some funky hormone issues, but it isn’t due to a dangerous disease so I was cleared in the last few weeks to try, but now I’m having the lap for possible endo this week. So, I’m on a break, but if this is what being on a break is like – heartbreak, unknown medical problems, and, lots of doctors, well overall cycling might not be that much more stressful than the last few months of my “break”.

At least during a cycle I’m fully acquainted with my nemesis, POF. It pretends I might not grow a follicle, and then I do. I worry I might not ovulate, but with the boost of an Ovridel those eggs are sailing out. In March I kicked POF’s ass and got pregnant, but then I wasn’t. I’m not sure if this was POF’s grand  finale and a hint at whats to come or just another step toward a baby. Might I keep going through this again and again only to not get pregnant at all or have another mc? How do I keep getting back in line over and over again for a ride that isn’t really all that fun but that I know I’ll love if I can just stay buckled in the seat long enough to get to the end?