I talked to the doctor. The lap went well, but he didn’t find anything. No endo. No adhesions. I know this is good news, but it still leaves me with unexplained pelvic pain and horrific period pain. Awesome

My recovery is chugging along. I slept most of Thursday and Friday. I’m up this evening, but cable and internet are out-thanks Comcast! I’m “borrowing” internet from the neighbor right now. I may need to send a friend out for movies if this problem continues and I can’t watch reruns of America’s Next Top Model and CNN to speed my recovery.

I’m going to give continuous HRT a try and see how it goes. In theory, it should cut down or eliminate my need to have any periods at all which should fix the period pain problem since I shouldn’t get my period (or get it very seldom). As for the intermittent pelvic pain, I’m kind of used to it. Seriously, I’ll look into alternative treatments. Maybe back to acupuncture (I’ve gone in the past, I like it). Maybe cranio sacral therapy. Has anyone had any luck with either?

I know I only ovulate with the help of fertility drugs, but I feel like switching to continuous instead of cyclical HRT is, in a way, admitting defeat and acknowledging that I won’t ovulate on my own. This is silly, and I’ll get over it, but I still feel sad about it. It shouldn’t change anything regarding future ability to use fertility drugs. I’ll just stop the Prometrium when we want to cycle and start it again after ovulation, so that’s good news. I just sometimes hate all of this.