Since someone sent me an email, and one commenter expressed uncertainty about commenting, I want to state clearly that I’d appreciate comments and interaction with other bloggers (and non-bloggers). I’d especially love to hear about other passive aggressive infertile moves, if only for new ideas! My post about anonymity and questioning my place in the blogosphere was not meant to discourage comments or interaction. I’m still trying learning the ways of the playground here.

I brought up doing another cycle last night to HoneyBee. I asked him to think about ideal timing from his perspective. I’d like to get started in the next two weeks, but I realize he’s really overwhelmed with work, and our fertility piggy bank isn’t all that full right now. So, we’ll talk about it again and get thinking about scheduling. If we don’t go again asap I think maybe October? I have two out-of-town weddings in September, and I’d need to wiggle around those, but it could work. I’m anxious to get back at it.