I’ve been on the Plaquenil for my auto-immune issues for 8 weeks now. Unfortunately, this drug works very slowly, and most people need to give it 6 months to really see if it will or won’t help. The side effects suck. Nightmares, sleep disturbance, nausea-not fun, but I told my doctor I want to stick with it for the whole 6 month trial. I may be seeing some very subtle improvement in the last week, but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

Thanks to Dr. Google I found a few case reports of women with POF or with anovulatory cycles that started ovulating after taking Plaquenil. Theoretically this is a possible outcome as it’s an immune modulator, and if there was an immune issue causing the ovualtion disorder, the Plaquenil might correct enough for ovulation to occur. Given we don’t know for sure my POF is immune related (but it’s highly likely), and I’m talking about a few case reports where ovulation may or may not have been causally related to the medicine versus actual studies, I feel a bit ridiculous admitting that part of the reason I’m so dedicated to giving the Plaquenil the ol’ college try is that I secretly hope I’ll ovulate. The kicker is that I have some training in statistics. I know better.

The Score: Hope: 1 Reality: 0