I, like many of you, am about to embark on a Thanksgiving sojourn to visit friends and family. My trip includes 2 cities. I’m spending the first part of the long weekend with my close friend and her husband, baby, toddler, and a house full of additional strays (both human and animal). Next, I’m driving to my home town to see my family and  staying with different friend , her family, and her baby bump (her 3rd). I will also be visiting my due date twin and her brand new daughter born earlier this month.

Until yesterday I failed to note the perfect storm of this baby trifecta. Yes, I made the plans. I even specifically asked to stay at the pregnant friend’s house since my dad’s guest room is taken, but the trip came together over a few weeks of calendar shifting and phone calls, and I forgot to notice the abundance of babies and pregnancy I’m about to inflict on myself.   I often see all of these people in my trips back home, but I  stay with my sister or dad, not the pregnant friend, and this is the first time I’ve been back since the due date twin baby was born. I did this to myself. Fuck

My game plan:

drink-in abundance and often

be helpful

try to genuinely enjoy myself

not beat myself up for acknowledging that it sucks to be barren, and I’m allowed to be jealous


Any words of wisdom? Stories of comiseration? Drink recipes?