Infertility seems to really agree with my complexion. Since I can’t get pregnant without shooting up expensive hormones in my stomach, I don’t have to worry about damaging a theoretical fetus with teratogenic creams and potions. Bring on the Retin A! I used  it pretty regularly (every other day, the lowest strength, my skin is sensitive) for a few years before we started the cycles of crack….errr Follistim, but since high doses of vitamin A are very bad for fetuses and Retin A is vitamin A, I dutifully adjusted my skin preservation routine when we decided to try to reproduce. After the miscarriage we thought we’d cycle again soon, but the months have dragged on and the break has become a sabbatical. A few weeks ago I found the tube in the back of the medicine kit. I looked in the mirror at the new fine lines, down at the cream, and back at my reflection as a smile formed across my face. I might not have any control over the age and condition of my ovaries, but I sure as hell plan to do what I can to keep the lines of dissappointment and fatigue off of my face.