I was going to start by apologizing for being all “me! me! me!” and making drama out of probably nothing, but then I remembered, wait a second, it’s my blog! This is where my possibly manufactured angst belongs.

I took an HPT last night (the CVS brand early test for those of you playing along at home), and of course it couldn’t come out with a conclusive result. Nooooooooo that would be way too simple. Within the 10 minute window there was a faint blue line, but it was super thin, like I had drawn it on with a pen. Usually a positive, even a faint positive, is still thicker than a pen stroke and looks like a faint version of the control line-this one was there and blue but too thin.  I turned to the trusty internets and read all about evaporation lines, but those are usually an indentation or gray in color. This was definitely blue.

So, I held my pee for a few more hours and took the last of the internet cheapy tests I had on hand. Clearly negative. I stare at the first test. Am I imagining the blue line? Is it mocking me? The suspense deepens!

The only thing left to do is call HoneyBee and my friend and obsess about my inconclusive status.  HoneyBee reminds me (like I really needed  a reminder?) that I never even got a positive test when I was pregnant in March. I only found out because of the blood test. He suggests I call the RE in the morning. He’s a smart one, that HoneyBee.

I wake up bright and early and take the second CVS test. Negative.

F*ck this! I’m going to the doctor. This is ridiculous. I had blood done this morning. I’ll know at 3:00. My therapy appointment for this week was rescheduled for 3:00. Classic. I’m going to need it.