I’m heading back to the frozen northern tundra for a second round of forced holiday cheer! Since I’m not contagious this time, I’m going to meet the baby that was born the week of  the due date for my miscarried zygote. I’ll also see the pregger friend again. I’m not as stressed about it as I was in November. It feels like one more holiday task, like the shopping I still have to do or dealing with my difficult mother.

The timing for my first ICLW seems apropos.  Committing to commenting and blogging will mean that I have to take some time each day  for myself, and it gives me an excuse to step away from all of the lovely family togetherness, collect my thoughts, and check in with the other infertiles (that’s what I call us, you know- Hi, my name is Barren, and these are my infertiles!).

I wish you all peace and patience, and the confidence to know that you deserve to take care of yourselves and your feelings.