Picture it! The frozen northern tundra, a baby shower, two friends chatting while the infertile spontaneous aborter*  snuggles her due date twin’s new daughter.

Me: “I’m going to  need you to show me how to install your car seat in my car (so that I can steal your beautiful, cooing, chill baby)”

N: “OMG, does this mean you’re…!!!!!!!!” (said in front of a group of people)

Me: “NO!!!!!, not what I meant. Not pregnant!” (room suddenly silent) “Anyway, I was just asking so that I could steal your baby”

N: “Ha, ha.”

Part of me wasn’t really kidding

*What an awesomely wrong term for miscarriage.  It sound like an activity club. As with Barren, I’m going to embrace the description wholeheartedly .