Are you barren? Infertile? A spontaneous aborter? Have I got a party for you! In honor of infertile baby shower attendees everywhere, you are invited to:


hosted by Barren

When: Ongoing

Where: In the comments section of this post and on your blogs

How: Pour yourself a drink (or 7) and post away, and then buy yourself a present

What: Two parts:

1.Tell us your worst baby shower story, get sympathy, get indignation on your behalf, get tipsy!

2. Post a picture on your blog of your present to yourself

Why: Because you deserve it!

Please link to this post to spread the word . Don’t forget to buy yourself something to celebrate your NOT Shower. You deserve a treat for all the hard work that goes into not reproducing.

I engaged in some retail therapy after I attended a baby shower this weekend, and I’ll try to take some photos once I’m home tonight.