This morning on my preferred form of public transportation a daddy and his 4 year old daughter ran into a friend with twin 4 year olds (her children were not with her). Because of their exceedingly loud conversation  I was able to discern their relationship in less than one block. They proceeded to have the following exchange:

Girl: “I wanna baby!”

Me too! Get in line, kid! I was here wayyyyyyyy before you. Besides you’re too young, even for an unplanned teenage pregnancy resulting from the  misinformation rampant throughout abstinence-only sex ed

Lady: “Yes, Honey, a play-date would be fun.” -turning to father- “Let’s set that up later this week.”

oops, I must have misheard “baby” for “playdate”. Not shocking. I hear baby when people talk to me about their investment portfolios.

Girl: “Max has a silly vagina!”

Dad(very matter of factly): “Max doesn’t have a vagina, he’s  a boy.”

Girl: “Well, it’s VERY silly.”