Birds and Squirrels asks, Who knows about your blog? This has been on my mind a lot lately as I almost told a friend the other night but held fast to my secret blogger identity. Once you tell you can’t untell, and I would prefer to keep it to myself.

Do real life friends and family know about your blog?

HoneyBee, my best friend, and some local infertility bloggers that I occasionally drink with.

Does your husband/wife/partner know and read?

HoneyBee knows. I don’t know if he reads. Is it really weird that we don’t talk about it?

Are you super careful about not revealing identifying information?

HoneyBee and I discussed my privacy concerns when I started the blog, and we agreed on a few protective measures. I prefer to stay as anonymous as I can, so I’d rather be cautious and employ some (probably useless if someone with any hacking ability wanted to find me) cloak and dagger routines. I don’t publish my identity or photos. I keep it separate from the rest of my life.

  Do you censor yourself and not say mean things about people that might find and read your blog?

I try not to say mean things about anyone ever:) Seriously, I try not to complain about individual people and mostly stick to b.itching about large segments of the population, mainly “the fertiles”, sometimes the “non-spontaneous aborters”, often “the dumb a.sses”, always “the people who say stupid things and should shut their mouth”. 

Part of the reason I haven’t told anyone other than those listed above is so that I don’t have to worry much about this. I do sometimes talk about my friend and her children, but I wouldn’t   talk about issues in our friendship or an argument on this blog because that would feel passive aggressive to me.  If, in the future, I find out that someone I know finds this blog and deduces that the author is me I would refrain from discussing our relationship on the blog for the same reason, but I don’t think I would delete posts. I would also hope that if anyone found me they would respect my request for anonymity. Is this ridiculously trusting? Possibly.