broken-pregancy-test-01252This appears to be ANOTHER defective pregnancy test. The line is more of a blob, and it seems to be too crunched near the bottom (left side) of the window. Is it really necessary to bait the infertile in this manner?

I’m off to brunch and to procure a FRER to definitively tell me I’m not knocked up. I have a graduate degree. Why can’t I manage taking a pregnancy test? I hear you now saying to yourself under your breath,

“Boy, that Barren is dumb. How’s she ever going to parent if she can’t even tell if she is or isn’t pregnant? Maybe it’s better she stays childless.”

I swear I’m not an idiot.

UPDATE: Thanks for the kind words

FRER and 2nd cheapy are negative. I have only peed on things and in cups today. I’m a bit worried I may lose the ability to pee without a target. I have 2 more FRER’s since why buy only one whe 3 are offered? Because I’m mean to myself I’m sure I’ll use them in the next few days.