Last February was my my last ART cycle (stims and timed intercourse). It was quickly followed by an early March miscarriage. I haven’t done anything to make a baby since, other than the occasional (who am I kidding-the regular) cocktail and  unprotected sexual encounters .

I feel like a  farce. I know I won’t ovulate without help (and the quality of those ovulations are already judged suspect and plummeting), but I’m not in treatment. A more committed Barren would be shooting up by now. If I REALLY wanted it I  could have REALLY  tried by now.

It’s really fucked up when  unprotected sex isn’t enough, and only the use of needles justifies declaring myself committed to conceiving.

Probably a very belated side note, but why must I always refer to fertility drugs using IV drug slang?

Are other’s starting to wonder if  I’m depressed, or am I successfully hiding it?