Hmmm, that’s funny. I thought my estrogen patch was on the left. Maybe I put it on the right instead? The thought ran through my head as I changed into my jammies just now, and I realized my patch (AKA the elixir of life and sanity)  was missing.

In anticipation of HoneyBee’s return and as an ode to St. Valentine I made a date with my  friendly neighborhood waxing salon for some landscaping earlier today. Apparently, along with the usual suspects,  she waxed off my hormone replacement. That’s a little TOO thorough for my taste.

When the ice picks  invaded my skull this afternoon I assumed it was  belated punishment for my affair with the Cab Sauv last night. It didn’t occur to me that my estrogen level was plummeting, leading to a case of, “Not tonight, Dear. The bikini waxer gave me a headache.”