Lately the google search terms which lead people here are trending toward the “How To” as in, “Ho.w To Have a Misca.rriage”. Seriously, this, and its permutations, are showing up each day.

 Dear Misguided Internet Searchers, I promise you’re not going to find some super secret good way to have a miscarriage. While there are multiple ways to miscarry, all are pretty bad, and I along with my barren internet co-conspirators try desperately to avoid any and all types of miscarriage. You’re more likely to hear about bed rest and progesterone up the vag or shot directly into a muscle with a large needle  if you stick around here.

Here is my PSA to all of the women  who are pregnant and do not want to be that find my blog:

  Please see a medical provider to discuss your options, including a.bort.ion (the last thing I need is for google to send everyone searching that term here).  Please don’t use the internet to find a way to have a miscarriage. I know that if you look you’ll find, in addition to my infertility and loss blog which isn’t terribly helpful for your situation, many people offering ass-vice and ass-istance, but their ass-vice will cost you more than whatever potion they are trying to sell you. It is terribly dangerous and could cost you your life.  The providers at Pla.nned P.aren.thood are helpful and happy to talk to you about all of your options. They are not there just to perform terminations, contrary to what the right wing may have you believe. Please get off the internet and see a doctor.