My tax refund came. Interestingly, it’s just about enough to cover meds and copays for a stim cycle. Hmmmmmmmm


This is OBVIOUSLY a sign from a Higher Power (pick your Power!) that we should do a cycle, and dare I flaunt the will of said Higher Power?

It feels like bonus money

If it works I’ll have an easy answer to the question, “Where do I come from?” -My response : “The government”

Based on our track record this last year there’s never a good time to do this, so maybe we need to just take the plunge

I feel like I’m up against the POF clock and worried I’ve already missed my window of opportunity to use my dusty eggs


M.aster.card would really appreciate the funds, and our financial situation has taken quite a hit along with the economy

HoneyBee’s schedule is abysmal, and I’m not sure we could even coordinate the GOFing

It will mean going in late to work a few times, and I love my new job and don’t want to jeopardize it

My health situation still isn’t exactly where I would prefer it to be before TTCing again (but my doctors have no problem with me trying)

What do you think?