I performed my civic duty on Tuesday, and after 8 uneventful hours at the courthouse waiting, and standing, and waiting, and listening, and waiting, and answering I was released due to hardship-I’m not salaried at my job as I’m still on contract status.  I really wanted to add that if I don’t work and make money I don’t get to spend that money on over priced fertility drugs and try to have a baby, but I thought that was a bit TMI for a courtroom full of strangers.

The courthouse hours were uneventful. The lunch break was verbally abusive.

Picture it: A sandwich and salad shop in my city. Parallel lines for sandwiches and salads winding like a river of people almost out the door. A woman with a curly mullet wearing a purple track suit (known henceforth as Mullet Purple Track Suit or MPTS) standing squarely in the middle with a foot in each line.

Me: “Excuse me, but which line are you in?”

MPTS: “I’m in line!”

Me: “Right, but are you in the salad line or the sandwich line, you see there are two lines, and well….”

MPTS loudly interrupting: “I’m in whatever line I want to be, and that scarf makes you look like an idiot. You look like you are hanging yourself with it tied that way.”

Me (confused, is she really insulting me, a stranger, for my fashion? Who does that? And why am I always the target of this sort of crap?): “I just want to know if I can move forward in the salad line. Are you insulting my scarf? You don’t know me. And that’s not very nice”

Yes, I actually told her she wasn’t being polite, but I was still confused about the interaction.

MPTS: “I’ll say whatever I want to say to you, and I’m telling you that your scarf  looks stupid.  Don’t ever wear it again” (this is a direct quote) She continued to yell at me for my fashion choice and her liberty to abuse me at will.

Me (sputtering, flummoxed): “You are incredibly rude and inappropriate. Don’t ever speak to me again!”

What I should have said: “Listen, Bitch, I don’t take fashion advice from a woman with a mullet wearing a purple track suit. Shut the f,uc.k up!”

For the record, this is how I was wearing the scarf

Hanging Scarf

Hanging Scarf

I was not trying to commit a death by scarf while walking about. I was keeping my neck warm.

After she publicly ridiculed my fashion I was startled and embarrassed as I ordered my lunch. I questioned my scarf folding technique for a few seconds, and then I realized that I was letting a crazy mullet sporting purple track suit wearing loud mouthed obnoxious human make me doubt myself, over a scarf, no less. No one should be able to make me doubt myself-even for a few seconds, least of all the MPTS. I’ve been struggling a lot with my self esteem lately. MPTS made it clear to me that I need to work on rebuilding my self image. So thanks MPTS, you did me a favor, if a public, random, and embarassing one. I’m starting with some books, and if they don’t help I’ll try therapy again.