Hi Dr__,

Long time no see. How are you? Have you been on any great vacations lately? Any destinations to recommend?

Due to finances we keep putting off a cycle until “next month”, and next month never materializes, and I’m getting nervous that I’m running out of chances. Would it be ridiculous to try a Clomid cycle? I feel a bit silly admitting this, but it would be a relief to see that I could still ovulate with fertility drugs, as I’m worried that I’ve wasted a year not trying.

Any advice? Should I be knocking down your door with Follistim in hand? Will a few more months probably not make a difference? Would Clomid be a cheap, but less awesome, worthwhile step?

Hope you are well.



Yes, I actually sent this email 2 days ago…we’ll see what he suggests. I’ve known him for years as he managed my POF even before I started shooting up the baby crack. In fact, he gave me my very first baby crack-they say you always have a soft spot for your first dealer:) I know I’m a bit nuts, he knows I’m a bit nuts. I think he loves me more for it.