I ‘m beginning to get excited.

I’ve been assessed as cyst-free (no duh, my ovaries don’t work) and hormonally stable (thanks HRT), and I’m cleared for stims!

A few procedures have changed since the last time I frequented the baby-making factory-new nurse, new financial responsibility session. I approve of both. The blood drawing lady’s son is now 2.5  years old-they grow up fast! The doctor that I always think of as “the stern one” smiled at me and said hello-progress.

Since I’m a special ovarian snowflake there was a little back and forth about the instructions, but it is all good. 150 units  of Bravelle at night to start. I go back in on Tuesday morning for blood work. 

Now for the questions:

I’m trying to decide how strict I am about drinking and cycling. An occasional glass of wine-yay or nay? What do you do? I’m leaning toward a few glasses a week

Coffee? I drink less than a glass a day (closer to a half cup 4 times a week). I’m leaning toward thinking I’m fine

Any other crazy tips or tricks? I feel like it’s my first time all over again!

ETA: I also use baby aspirin and I take a steroid pack  just for giggles given auto-immune issues.