Yes, I’m talking about my ovaries. They feel very….. busy. So does my pounding head, but I’ll put up with that. I cheated and had a half a cup of coffee. It sort of helped a small bit, or not really, but I’m trying to talk myself into psychosomatic positive physical manifestations for a change. The good news is that my back feels great thanks to the steroids.

Monitoring tomorrow morning, and we’ll see if anything is a brewin’. Except with my luck the clinic changed their monitoring schedule and I won’t get a lookie tomorrow…wait, did I just post that I’ll be sad at the lack of a vaginal ultrasound?

Honey Bee had some last minute essential overseas travel pop up, and it is going to bump up against my possible trigger date. He’s trying to change it because he wants to live. Even if he can’t change it, we’ll make it work, but I’m a bit stressed. How’s that for self absorbed and selfish?