They will be your designated driver during stim cycles.

I’m off to the beach with friends for a bachelorette party. Since I don’t know many of  the other attendees very well, I’d prefer to keep my ovarian crack a secret, but I need to keep the meds cold. I’ll leave them in the little insulated soft cooler I’ll be using to keep them cold for the drive, thus obscuring the enormous lettering declaring their purpose, but I expect innocent questions about the random package in the refrigerator. I’m thinking of attaching a giant padlock or possibly a large ticking timer to the zipper to scare off inquiries. Any better ideas? The secret package of injectible drugs plus my sober status will be a HUGE red flag to this friend that something is different. What are some funny ways you have explained the secret cooler of medication in the refrigerator and sobriety when you want to keep the cycle a secret?

I’m thinking of just saying “medicine”, but I feel like there is a more hilarious, more vague option out there.

Monitoring update: 2 follicles, each 11 mm on Lefty. Righty  has a few, but they too small to measure. Slow and steady, Follicles! Slow and steady! Honey Bee isn’t back yet!