I’m out. E2 dropping, no real growth. Fuck. And to add insult to battered ovary, I’m suddenly bloated and became tender today.  Fuck. Double fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck…..fuck

The instructions from the nurse were to wait 15 days and call if I don’t have my period by then. Whatever. I’ll give it until June 1st , and then I’ll self-progesterone. Is there any reason to wait? I asked the nurse, but she didn’t seem to have an answer other than sometimes it takes a while to get your period. Yeah, like 10 years; because that’s about when I had my last unmedicated one (well other than some random bleeding here and there, but you all know what I mean). I can try again once I get a bleed.

Honey Bee thinks it is just that I have princess ovaries that are addicted to Follist.m and won’t accept substitutes. No methad.one for my smack fiend girls. I’m making an appointment with the RE to talk. Is it absolutely stupid and unrealistic for me to think that I can get pregnant with my own eggs?