I saw my RE. 

Bottom line: I’m not cut off from the ovarian crack.

But, he wants me to be realistic about the response we may or may not continue to get. He mentioned donor eggs, donor embryos, and adoption again as future routes if I don’t succeed with my own eggs. We have talked about it before. He was gentle. He is trying to keep me realistic. I am set to go for a Follist.im/Luve.ris cycle with a Med.rol steroid pack as soon as I get my period, and I’m greenlighted for more after that if I need/want to. In no way did he say he would cut me off after x more cycles. This is why I like him. Oh, and the part where he lets this lady with a FSH of over 70 keep trying fertility drugs.

And yet, I’m sad. I don’t want to have to feel grateful that I found the sucker RE that will give me a shot (hehe). Both HoneyBee  and NotAClownCar reminded me that this RE would never ever let me continue if he thought it was worthless, that’s unethical.

Anyone have an in on where to score wheatgrass shots?