After my throw away wheatgrass comment on the last post, I started thinking that it couldn’t hurt to add some lawn clippings to my routine, and I (as usual) turned to the University of Google for some additional info. One site made no mention of FSH, but it promises that wheatgrass:

“Restores fertility and promotes youthfulness.”

Really, even with my FSH level?  Can you reallllllly say that? About something you mow?

My suspicions stem, not from the wheatgrass itself, I mean, what did wheatgrass ever do to me?, but from a site that claims anything other than a 2 hour appointment with my colorist will:

“Turn gray hair to its natural color again and greatly increases energy levels when consumed daily”

I wonder about the last part.  If I drink it every other day will my energy be increased to a mediocre level?

This site also advocates wheatgrass enemas and makes claims about oxygenation that seem slightly unsubstantiated, but what do I know? I just took a few research methods and stats classes.

So, I’m gonna drink the fertility restoring magic green  sludge if I can find it (thanks,  Mel for the location info), but I draw the line at growing it myself, harvesting it, and becoming one of those fanatical juicer people.