I think I’m getting my period, but instead of getting off my ass and walking to the bathroom to check I’m posting about it ( I always get cramps right before the actual event, sort of like an advance team on a political campaign).  The last time I was this excited to get my period was 16 or 17 years ago when I was the only one of my friends with no boobs and no period. I made my parents take me to the doctor; it was mortifying to have to mention it to my dad, but my lust for a second base was stronger than my humiliation. The long awaited period showed up a few months later and lasted 3 months, never became regular, and I had two per month until I went on the pill (and sometimes even while on the pill), but somehow it took almost a decade to diagnose my hormone disorder. Way to drop the ball on that one, Medical Establishment!

 Two take home messages from that life lesson: Be careful what you wish for. Welcome to womanhood!

Bottom line: Cycle 79740, GO!