Finally. After crying this morning because my boobs hurt, I knew either that the period HAD to make an appearance, or I was going to end up in an institution for the criminally pms-y. I get my quality time with the dildo cam tomorrow.

Just like Christmas (I find this analogy especially funny because she is Jewish), these are the many riches bestowed upon my by NotAClownCar-leftovers from her past cycles.  Her generosity overwhelms me, and I already cried in thanks to her and sent her some FRERs in gratitude. What? You don’t think that a pack of pregnancy tests comes even close to matching the generosity of thousands of dollars of ovarian stimulation? Me either. I’m working on it.

drugs cycle 79740

I think I missed my calling to elaborately stage drill team formations. Or as an incredibly untalented product photographer. The lighting in the dining area is sucky. I hope my eggs don’t take after the bad household lighting in my apartment. That would be lame.