I owe it to Clowncar to back off of my affair with the vino; after all, I’m in a monogamous relationship with her fertility drugs as of today. That’s right-I’m cleared for the stims! Yay!

I’d like to report that the Luveri.s doesn’t sting AT ALL. The stinging can be definitively blamed on FSH.  Furthermore, now that I’m back with my old girlfriend, Follis..tim, I’m curious: What the fuck do they put in Brave-helle that makes it sting so fucking much? Probably gold to account for the cost. The platinum in Follist.im must be more highly purified. I’m still very grateful for the last cycle, thanks again, Leabee! Actually, it left me with an 11mm follicle today at my sonogram.

Ladies, is there any chance in hell that this little-follicle-that-could might possibly continue on for this cycle and become my baybee? If yes, it truly takes a village of complimentary meds from friends and fellowship-trained physicians to knock me up, but if not, are they hoping that it will just mature and go away, leaving room for the Duggar-size camp surely (ha!)  growing behind it? Or, am I counting on a cycle-old follicle that already proved it had failure-to-thrive to morph into a gamete of prowess?

I should have asked the nurse, but this is the first time I’ve ever gone to day 3 and had anything pop up on the ultrasound. I was totally confused  when they were able to actually locate my ovaries with the old camera dildo (on the most dinosaur of sonogram machines -I have a feeling they send me in the old equipment room on purpose because they assume they won’t see anything anyway). Discussion of the presence of current, actual, not-imaginary follicle was impossible for me to comprehend, and as a result, I didn’t ask as to the meaning of the existence of the left-over follicle from last cycle.