Over the weekend I indulged in a little upkeep:  I colored my hair to hide all the lighter shade of pale (a.k.a my old lady pigments), manicured and pedicured as part of a bride-y thing for my friend, and even hedge-trimmed the lady bits.  Furthermore, I indulged in both some weight training and a yoga class as well as miles upon miles of walking in the gorgeous weather. I’m even up-to-date on my tooth whitening.

I’m trying to beautify the neighborhood in which I hope you, Dear Follicle, will make a home.  I know the real estate market is a buyers paradise these days, but I promise you a decent return on your investment, some older people to roll your eyes at in 13 years, delicious food from the Dad, sound nutrition (and the ability to order rocking take-out) from the Mom, a mix of boring vacations for your educational benefit and some really cool beach adventures, and a crazy wacked-out  family (both close and extended) that will love you to bits and smooch you a lot. Please come to stay for a while, cozy in for the 9 month gestation, and enjoy the fun and humiliation we have to offer as parents!


Barren and HoneyBee