wheatgrass It tastes exactly like it looks.  The frozen cubes come in a little tray (like my photo on the last post), and when they thaw, they are watery with pureed grass-matter. They aren’t delicious. I don’t crave them, but they aren’t horrible. I’d trade you an aggressive nurse wielding a camera up the vag the day of trigger for a few shots of wheatgrass any day. Considering all of the crap we endure for a chance at a baybee, a sip of lawnmower sludge seems pretty low on the “sucky things we do for a pregnancy and baby” scale.

I just bought 2 more boxes. I plan to take 4 shots a day (for no scientific reason, it just seems like enough to be some degree of overkill, but not so much as to be terribly wasteful) for the rest of this cycle. The box calls 2 shots a serving. I think they are using the same scientific decision-making that I am employing, ie: bullshit.

Yes, you heard that right. the cycle is still on. Maybe. Yesterday they saw nothing, but my e2 went up to 237 (or 8) I forget, exactly. I go back in tomorrow for another lookee and bloodletting. Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts.