The RE did my monitoring this morning. Still nuthin a brewin’, but he said, “Hey the e2 went up. We’ll have to see what it does today. I don’t know why I can’t see anything” My boobs hurt like a bitch which is my best guestimate that the e2 isn’t exactly dropping. Or, I’m just poking them a lot to see if they hurt.

I appreciate my RE’s honesty , but this is getting ridiculous. 11 days of stims and no visible follicles? . It’s like a bad break up that doesn’t end. If this cycle is on I want it to be as invested in in the relationship as I am.

I’m setting an ultimatum: the follicles need to show up to monitoring, be present, and fully commit to our relationship in order to take it to the next level: a few follicles that properly mature, fertilize, and become my precious baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I get the e2 results at 1:00

So, I have a plan. I like plans. They bring me pleasure. Not as  much pleasure as I guess the fruit of my loins would bring, but a close second. If  I have to start this all over in approximately 2 weeks with another cycle I’m kicking it old school-straight Foll.istim, no Luve.ris. That worked to get me to ovulate repeatedly a year ago. I can’t make myself a year younger, but like an athlete and her lucky socks, I’ll go back to my treatment of superstision. Maybe I’ll ask about a higher does; it isn’t like we are worried about multiple follicles. I can’t even get one these days.