10 mm

10 mm

For those of you that want to hate on my photog skillz, what you are observing at left is a badly taken photograph of this morning’s sonogram featuring a 10 mm follicle on my left side. To the left of the follicle is what some may call a “flash” but what I would prefer to think of as a halo of light and truth.

In exchange for a copy of  this picture of the follicle, I agreed to share with the nurse  the details of my weekend stint as my very own self-prescribing, protocol-changing, google-educated RE . Apparently, they like to know when you dick around at home with your fertility drugs. Huh?

I was rather proud of my handiwork (see photo at left). She, to her credit, was cool, but she insisted that the information had to be shared with the RE. I reminded her of what Tony Soprano does to informants.

You see, after Saturday’s e2 drop and no-follicles-in-sight-sonogram, I decided, Fuck it. The cycle was as good as dead anyway, so I dropped my Luv.eris all together (fat lot of good that drug did me), and I amped up the Follis.tim by a liiiiiiiiiiiitle bit (and by little bit I mean I didn’t double it, but well, you know).  And volia: my follicle.

Are the two events related? Hard to know. Will this follicle grow and flourish? Ehhh, maybe. Maybe not. I’m not quite ready to crank up the Hope-O-Meter just yet, but if this sucker keeps growing, and if I, dare I say it, make it to trigger! I might just have to admit that theres a little bit of hope left in my cranky meter.

In other news, I’m thinking of starting a bruising contest for both abdomen shots  and blood draws. I think we’ll have to have several divisions. I don’t stand a chance against the blood thinner crew, but I’m sporting a pretty hard-core line on my stomach right now, and I’m getting worried that my coworkers are going to catch me mid-admiration one of these days. That would be super awkward as while I don’t remember it from the handbook, I’m pretty sure I’m expected to keep my pants on and my shirt pulled down while in my cubicle. Who’s in? Post them on your blog and link back, or whatever.