I snarkily named this cycle 79740  for blog organization purposes; little did I know it would be approximately that many days to nurture this follicle to trigger size.   14.5 mm, my Dear Readers. That’s a .5 increase from Friday. The doctor originally did a quick swipe of my pancreas, errr ovaries, and he proclaimed it 11 mm. I sat up, looked him straight in the eye, and said, “It was 14 mm 2 days ago.”

He must deal with crazy, hormonal women for a living because he quickly measured the wider part of the follicle and said, “or, 14.5.”

Happier, but still not victorious, I walked home. I’ve stopped counting how many days of stims. 20? 21? 19? Too many. I’m ready, Follicle. Try for me. Just a few more mm’s. I’ve got an out-of-state good bye party next weekend and I need to get HoneyBee home for some lovin’ and for my sanity. Just 3 or 4 mm’s. Please? If you get a nice e2 rise, I’ll even settle for 2 mm. Your choice.