Not looking great. Poor Follie-Only 14.8 this morning. I talked to the nurse and said that I’m happy to keep going if my RE thinks it would make a difference, but if it is time to cut our losses, trigger, and try again next month, I’m ready for that to be the plan. She said she’d talk to the RE and let me know. We played phone tag so I didn’t get my actual e2 reading or have a real conversation to relay his thoughts, but her message said that I’m cleared for Trigger as soon as HoneyBee gets home (hopefully tomorrow). I’ll take meds tonight (and tomorrow if for some reason he isn’t back until Thurs).

monkey tailI guess there is a wild chance in hell that it could mature enough before/due to the trigger shot, but I’m not hopeful. Besides, after  almost 4 weeks of stims and such slow growth, I’m afraid that any resulting baby might have 3 heads or  a prehensile tail. Not a Clown Car pointed out that a prehensile tail could actually be useful, especially since I’m short and need help reaching things, but I digress. I’m no fortune teller, but I predict a negative in approximately 2 weeks.

Is it a good or bad thing that after seeing dozens of photos of monkeys with prehensile tails dressed up in little outfits (with diaper covers,  people sell diaper cover for monkeys, with tail holes. I kid you not. goog.le it.) I sort of want one. Maybe if I stay barren I’ll just get a monkey and pretend it is a baby. That’s totally acceptable, right?

PS-This particular monkey is totally cracking me up. She (he?) looks so ashamed. Is it the outfit? The captivity? Come live with me monkey; I’ll dress you in style!