Oh right, hcg is the pregnancy hormone. So, it makes you feel like you are pregnant…with about 250 iu of hcg. Huh. That’s about how barely  pregnant I was in 2008 when I had the chemical/very early mc/whateverthefuckitwas. This is awesome deja vu.

How did I not anticipate this? I’m a smart lady. I triggered a half a dozen times before the pregnant cycle. Infertility obviously made me stupid.

When will we be able to grow babies in actual test tubes like sci fi? I would visit my bubble fetus every day and sit with it for hours. I’d feed it through the umbilical beaker and talk to it. I’d even create an elaborate quiet womb room in what is now the office/guest bedroom.  I’d nurture it and love it and even do lamaze breathing when it was all cooked and ready to be “born”.