Thank you all for the love. I am still climbing out from my backlog of VERY URGENT work tasks, emails and requests that aren’t so very urgent after all, but being a lowly peon, I don’t get to assign urgency. I have a funny story to tell you, but you’ll have to be patient while I continue to be selfish.

Selfish, Barren! Selfish! Selfish!

Calling all Infertiles! (Especially low responders aka-the ovarian short bus riders*):

Does anyone have experience with steroids during their stim cycle? I’ve been using a Medro.l Dose Pack at the start of my cycle, and based on my joint pain I think that it is still working at dampening my immune system for a few weeks post first dose, but it is not the same as taking a low dose steroid each day until beta.  I’m curious about protocols and dosing for those of you that take other types of steroids. Will you share your experiences including dosing amounts and days?

For the low responders (especially those of you that have done IUI or timed sexing, but I’d be happy to hear from the IVFers too), how much (or other stim) have you taken? My RE tells me that upping my dose much more is just overkill and will be throwing money away without making much difference in my follicle growth or numbers. I’d appreciate hearing from women that are low responders regarding this issue. FYI-I’m at 200-250 a day.

Finally, does anyone know if there is a benefit to starting on day 2 versus day 3? Is this specific to low responders? Anyone with a friend of a friend’s cousin’s girlfriend that was totally barren for 234235 years only to secretly switch her stim start date and fall pregnant with 436956 babies?

Thanks, and I owe you all lots of attention, comments, and funny posts.



*if this offends you, I am sorry. My ovarian failure offends me.