HoneyBee and I live in a good sized city on the east coast, and we’re in our early 30’s (me) and early 40’s (HoneyBee). I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure at 23 with an FSH over 70 and no detectable estrogen after suffering from symptoms for years. I take HRT (hormone replacement therapy, a.k.a. estrogen and Prometrium for progesterone) for my POF.

I don’t ovulate on my own (with or without HRT), but for some lucky reason I ovulate with my HRT and Follistim, which is not common with POF. We’ve done countless ovulation inducing  medicated cycles (plus one with a sad little non-viable follicle) with timed intercourse over the last 2 years. HoneyBee knocked me up with the February/March 2008 cycle, but it ended with a very early m/c at a little under 5 weeks.