Which one of you is this? Thursday, Feb 26 2009 

I swear it isn’t me. I no longer live in the great state of Lousy-ana.
Exactly how does this sort of thing go down? I imagine it like this:

“I really wish I had $175. “

“I’ll trade you for a kid? “

“Throw in a parrot, and you’ve got a deal!”


Unconventional Birth Wednesday, Jan 21 2009 

This is the title of the Discovery Health special (I could only find a description not a link to a segment-sorry. If someone finds it please email me, and I’ll update) I watched last night. I grabbed my glass of wine, took a large swallow, and sat back ready to watch some far out baby dropping techniques.

I was hoping for some dolphin action, maybe some lady who didn’t get to the hospital fast enough, a mention of some victims of bad circumstances like the woman that gave birth in a tree, or at the very least, a recap of Thomas‘ birth story. These qualify, in my mind, as unconventional. Instead, the special focused on home births, birthing centers, and such far out techniques as birthing stools and water birth.

I understand that the politics of birth are emotional, and I think all women should be given the opportunity to decide on providers, interventions, and location for their birth. I don’t push my hippy ideas on those that prefer doctors and hospitals; who knows, I may end up with an OB instead of a midwife and a hospital instead of a birth center, and if that’s the best and safest option for me and our baby (if I ever get that far), it will be exactly where I want to be, but since when did natural childbirth attended by trained professionals using time tested birthing techniques become “unconventional”?

Discovery Health Channel, you disappoint me.