2007 and 2008 Stats (I’m too lazy to look back at all that failure just to get the exact dates right):

7 cycles of stims (usually Follisti,m) + trigger + timed sex

6 make it to trigger and sexing

1 cancelled (the one time I tried Menopu.r instead of Follist,im)

1 pregnancy from the Feb/March 2008 cycle

1 early miscarriage follows

we take a BREAK

2009 Here we go again:

May: I try Brave.lle, cycle cancelled

June: waiting for period, TBA


Q- How do you ovulate on Follistim if you have POF? I thought women with POF aren’t good candidates for stims?

A-Short answer, I don’t know, but for once my bizarreness might work out of me.

Long answer, 8%-10% of women with POF will spontaneously get pregnant with no intervention. Women with POF don’t often respond to ovarian stimulation, and the general consensus among the medical community is that POFers should go directly to donor egg and not bother trying stims because they are a waste of time, money, and hope, but, a very small number do respond to ovarian stimulation protocols. Do these women fall under the 8%-10% that would have conceived on their own eventually? Possibly. Could there be a subgroup of women diagnosed with POF who have some sort of problem with their FSH or antibodies to their FSH (instead of the more commonly expected problems with egg quantity and quality), and these women make up the small subgroup that ovulates with synthetic FSH? Possibly. No one really knows the answers to these questions. I’ve done a lot of research and talked to several RE’s. These are the most likely reasons given my medical situation, but YMMV.

Q-Why don’t you do IUI instead of timed intercourse?

A-Given HoneyBee’s super sperm, my POF, and insurance issues the tiny bump in statistical success that doing IUI would give us isn’t really worth the cost right now. Especially since we’ve gotten pregnant we’re going to stick with our good old fashioned GOFing for a few more cycles. We reserve the right to move to IUI in the future

Q-Are you going to do IVF?

A-Not now, and maybe never. Most RE’s don’t take women with FSH over 12 or 15 for IVF. My unmedicated FSH is 70….hmmmm, probably not going to make the cut. Even if I could trick my RE or another practice into taking a gamble on me given my track record of ovulation and one short pregnancy, I don’t get many follicles on 150 iu of Follistim-mostly 1 or 2 per cycle. We could bump the drugs up higher and see if we get more follicles, but given my POF, it probably wouldn’t do much, and we’d need to be able to get a lot more than 1-2 follicles on stims to make IVF feel like a reasonable option for us. Who knows, we might change our minds about this.

Q-Why do you call your partner HoneyBee?

A-Because I worried that my original choice, HoneyWhore, wasn’t classy enough. He loves sugar, and HoneyBee sounds sweeter than FruitFly.